Locked out of your car, need help to gain entry???

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*One of our autolocksmiths is ready to help if you locked your car keys in the car or van.

*If you locked your keys in your car boot we can also help. How annoying is it to shut your car boot and then realise that your car keys are still inside? Statistically, it will happen almost to everyone who drives at some point in their lifetime.

* We can pick locks on your vehicle with no damage to vehicle so the entry to your car or van will be non destructive.

* We can open your car/van door even if:

  • remote central locking key stopped working and door lock doesn't work
  • flat battery in car and no emergency key blade is available
  • you only have key for ignition and not for your door
  • door lock been damaged by attempted break in and key no longer works
  • key is in ignition and doors automatically locked themselves
  • your baby was playing with car keys and managed to lock themselves in car
  • keys are stuck in door and won't come out

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